Monday 14 February 2011

Ailie Robertson's Traditional Spirits; Ruitheam Beatha: Uisge Beatha
In this world premiere concert, award winning clarsach player Ailie Robertson explores whisky making and marries it with our rich culture of traditional music, creating a new composition that ‘paints’ the whisky industry in soundscapes, from barley in the fields to cask and glass. Joining her to blend their sounds and instruments with the world of whisky are seven of Scotland’s finest musicians;
Patsy Reid (fiddles),
Fraser Fifield (whistles/saxophone),
James Ross (piano),
Adam Sutherland (fiddle),
Mattie Foulds (percussion),
Conrad Molleson (double bass)
Tom Oakes (guitar).

Enjoy this original and entertaining concert and then relax with some tutored whisky tasting. 

Date - Friday 15th April
Start time - 8pm Concert and then whisky tasting afterVenue:  Debating Hall,   Teviot Row House, 13, Bristo Square, EH8 9AJ
Price   £12/£10 concessions/£6 schoolchildren

Tickets can be purchased from the Usher Hall Box Office, by phoning 0131 228 1155, or by using the paypal link below:


Wednesday 12 January 2011

Lesson 3

Finally finally! (again sorry for the wait!)

Here is a new lesson for you! It's a tune called The Yellow Haired Laddie. I think its a gorgeous melody so hope you'll enjoy learning it!

Sheet music is available in my book Harp From The Start 2, available from

Have fun!

Ailie xx

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Next lesson coming soon!

Hey everyone!

Just a short note to apologise that the November lesson isn't online yet - I'm waiting for my new computer to arrive, but the current snowstorm in Scotland has delayed all deliveries by over a week so far! Fingers crossed it will arrive soon, and then I'll get it straight up online!

Ailie x

Thursday 21 October 2010

Month 2: October 2010: The Night we had the Goats


I hope you're all having a good October! I've been off on tour with my band The Outside Track this month, and we finished off at the fantastic Celtic Colours in Cape Breton. I picked up a load of great tunes whilst over there, so I thought I would teach one of them this month. This is a great reel in G major called The Night We Had the Goats.


p.s. - if anyone needs the dots, a fairly close transcription is available here:

Monday 6 September 2010

September 2010: Lady Sutherland's Reel


Well for my first post I've decided to teach one of my favourite tunes, a Scottish reel called Lady Sutherland's. Hope you enjoy learning it! Please feel free to share it with other harp players and friends, and spread the word about this blog!

The music, with left hand arrangement is available in the following publication:

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the Celtic Harp Tune of the Month Blog.

In my travels around the world teaching and performing I'm struck by just how many people don't have any access to a teacher on a regular basis. This blog aims to help cater for those people who need some inspiration/new tunes/tips on technique etc.

My plan is to post an instructional video each month, teaching you a tune by breaking it down into its component phrases, and then putting it all together again. You'll improve your ability to learn by ear, and expand your repertoire at the same time!