Monday, 6 September 2010

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the Celtic Harp Tune of the Month Blog.

In my travels around the world teaching and performing I'm struck by just how many people don't have any access to a teacher on a regular basis. This blog aims to help cater for those people who need some inspiration/new tunes/tips on technique etc.

My plan is to post an instructional video each month, teaching you a tune by breaking it down into its component phrases, and then putting it all together again. You'll improve your ability to learn by ear, and expand your repertoire at the same time!



  1. Thank you Alie! What a wonderful idea to keep us learning and playing :-) Blessings, Annette

  2. I'm so excited to start working on this. What a wonderful idea to help Celtic Harpists learn in the traditional way! Thanks for sharing your time and talent.

  3. Excellent and clear teaching videos...thank you!

    Just a note on the tune however, when I went to the link for the tune, I could not find it. Do you have another link for it, or will you be adding to the tunes listed at

    Again, thanks and blessings for your work on this.

    Duncan Saunders

  4. Hi Duncan

    Sorry - i should have been clearer with this - its published within the '3 traditional jigs' set.

    Hope that helps!